We’re excited to announce that Growth DeFi has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds on the Binance Smart Chain mainnet for our collateralized stablecoin lending protocol: MOR. By integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, the MOR protocol has access to high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds needed to ensure correct pricing of collateral assets and accurate processing of liquidations and lending ratios. This will provide our users with strong assurances that when depositing collateral on MOR they are receiving accurate price data and appropriate borrowed funds.

We chose Chainlink as our go-to oracle solution because its infrastructure is seamless to integrate and time-tested in…

Hello GROwers! It’s been nearly two weeks since MOR was launched, and despite a subdued start we are pleased to provide further updates on our progress and of the changes being implemented this week!

We have been quieter than expected lately, mostly because we have been busy fixing UI bugs on MOR, and also working through some adversity with the incentives for MOR/BUSD liquidity providers which is one of the main drivers of the platform.

The team has been hard at work to co-operate with our partners rectify this situation and have full incentives reintroduced to the pair, and we…

It’s an uncomfortable reality of collateralized borrowing, however liquidations are simply a part of the process. It is imperative for users to understand both why these are necessary, and how to avoid being liquidated themselves when using MOR.

Why Liquidations?

When a user opens a vault and borrows MOR, they are depositing another asset as collateral to back the loan (which is the MOR that is in circulation). In order to address the risk presented by the volatility of many tokens, MOR takes an overcollateralized approach (as successfully implemented by Maker DAO), and sets a minimum collateralization ratio for each…

In order to help assist our community, and further user understanding of the MOR protocol, we have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions since our launch last week.

Note: More questions will be added/updated if necessary in future

Q: Is yield on the dashboard APR or APY?


Q: Where can I create a vault for MOR-BUSD?

A: You can create a vault for it here: https://mor.growthdefi.com/borrow/STKAPEMORBUSD-A

Q: Do I view the MOR-BUSD pool (and it’s APR) under Vaults or Farms on ApeSwap?

A: Farms. If you want to automatically compound it, you can deposit it into…

For users who have never used a lending platform such as DAI, MOR can be confronting at first glance. But don’t stress, for any newcomers out there ready to maximise their capital efficiency & earn while they borrow we are happy to offer you MOR: A Basic How To Guide!

In this article we’ll cover the basics, including steps of how to open a vault, manage your position & swap MOR directly. For more detailed information be sure to check out the official documentation.

Opening A New Vault

So you’re ready to deposit collateral and start earning + minting MOR…

Growth DeFi is proud to announce the launch of their overcollateralized borrowing platform and stablecoin: MOR.


Successfully launched on Binance Smart Chain, MOR is helping users get the most out of their crypto assets.

MOR is a unique take on the borrowing/lending mechanics made so successful by Maker DAO and DAI, with the crucial addition of being able to mint/borrow the MOR stablecoin with collateral that is earning yield. This means that users no longer need to leave their capital sitting idle when they acquire a loan, and as such they can use their borrowed funds to leverage their…

The end of August is quickly approaching, and we recognize the eagerness of many in our community to get started maximizing their yield potential and earning while they borrow!

So how can you make sure that when MOR goes live you’ll be ready? If you’re wanting to position yourself prior to MOR launching in order to take full advantage of its benefits you can:

1. Purchase collateral assets to use to borrow & leverage from our available ilks

(see list below)

Read our complete compilation of questions ahead of the launch of MOR from our recent AMA with our official partners ApeSwap!

Q: There are many DeFi projects around who partner with ApeSwap. What do you think is the most important feature that distinguishes you from others?

A: What MOR is offering is currently not available on BSC. Our main advantage is that we offer leveraged yield farming (2 Billion $+ market on BSC alone already) and the user gets a fixed low borrow rate which is critical for being profitable. …

After an extremely arduous process, having to narrow down over 70 incredible entries to just 3, we are pleased to reveal the winners of the Meme Contest!

Unfortunately we couldn’t pick them all, and there were some outstanding entries which we weren’t even able to include in the final shortlist! This is a testament to the amazing talents of our community!

Thanks to everyone who took part, and we hope you’re all looking forward to the launch of MOR as it quickly approaches!

1st place — @kami9111

2nd Place — @MrDuado

As part of our celebrations for the launch of MOR, the team at Growth DeFi are giving away $1.5K in prizes for a Meme Contest!! 🤑🚀🎉🌱

The rules are simple:

  • Make a meme regarding Growth DeFi (can be about any area of the ecosystem — GRO, gROOT, WHEAT or MOR)
  • Post the meme in the Growth DeFi Telegram — https://t.me/growthdefi
  • Entries are unlimited (however note only one entry pp will be eligible for a prize)
  • After the contest has concluded a shortlist of top candidates will be decided by the team and then the winners will be voted by the community!
  • Contest closes August 9th 11:59pm UTC

Prizes will be as follows (paid in BNB):

1st — $800

2nd — $500

3rd — $200

Good luck everyone!


Leveraging the power of DeFi protocols to maximize capital efficiency & value

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