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3 min readOct 10, 2022

The time has come! The next phase in high-yielding investment products at Growth DeFi is upon us — this time through xONE.

Launching at 18:00 UTC on 12 October, this will be an incredible opportunity to wrap your cryptos and stables together for excellent yield!

You will be able to access xONE here:


In this Medium we share some key information on xONE, including how you can mint or buy the tokens, and how they can be staked in Virtual Deposit Contracts (VDCs) to build long term returns for holders.

Introducing xONE

xONE offers investors opportunities to wrap multiple existing tokens into one new token providing investment returns through our platform. The tokens are ONE, ONE-S and CVDC — and they are comprised as follows:

  • xONE: a single wrapped token comprising ETH, BTC, BNB, TRON, MATIC, SOL, LINK, ZIL, UNI and DOT
  • xONE-S: a single wrapped stablecoin token comprising BUSD, USDC, DAI, USDT and BELT
  • CVDC: a wrapped token comprising ONE and ONE-S, thereby including 10 cryptocurrencies and 5 stablecoins.

CVDC can be deposited into the xPERPS Farm to earn yield in the xGRO-CVDC Vault.

These tokens can all be created here: https://perps.growthdefi.com/one/wrap

Once created, we offer Virtual Deposit Contracts (VDCs) to create investment returns on them, with details outlined in the next section.


We’re pleased to introduce xONE Dueling VDCs, following on from the successful and popular products available for xGRO and xPERPS. Both Compound and Volatile VDCs will mean users can deposit xPERPS, ONE and ONE-S token and earn drip rewards.

The xONE Compound VDC requires ONE-S to be staked and has ONE-S as a reward token, and the xONE Volatile VDC requires ONE to be staked and has ONE as a reward token.

Depositing xPERPS also provides you with an exciting ‘boost’ option to maximise overall returns from theseVDCs, adding further ongoing demand and utility to this token.

Furthermore, 1% of deposits into the Compound and Volatile VDCs will be sent to the xPERPS Compound VDC as additional investment returns.

The xONE Dueling VDCs can be accesses here: https://perps.growthdefi.com/one/vdc

Token Contract Addresses

xONE tokens are on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The specific token contract addresses are as follows:

Liquidity has been added to Pancakeswap so you can also directly purchase xONE and xONE-S.

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