Growth DeFi — Creating an Infinite Earnings Loop!

Growth DeFi
2 min readNov 10, 2022
Growth DeFi’s ecosystem is designed to create an infinite earnings loop

With the crypto market experiencing turmoil over recent days, it’s understandable many investors will be concerned over how best to maintain value in their portfolios, and ensure they can keep on generating earnings through their investment positions.

At Growth DeFi our focus over recent months has been on developing a fresh and expansive ecosystem with multiple investment options, each reinforcing other options, and providing opportunities for people to benefit from an Infinite Earnings Loop.

There are of course various different ways to construct this, but let’s illustrate one obvious example. At Growth DeFi an investor can:

1. deposit xGRO into our xPERPS Farms

2. earn xPERPS tokens as yield

3. deposit those xPERPS tokens into xGRO Staking

4. earn and claim additional xGRO as dividends

5. deposit that xGRO into the xGRO Duelling VDCs

6. earn and claim additional xGRO as dividends

7. deposit that xGRO back into xPERPS Farms and repeat the process…….

Just one example of an infinite earnings loop, available to keep your capital continuously working for you within our ecosystem.

At Growth DeFi we do our best to give investors these opportunities to compound, claim, reinvest and optimise their capital over time — and keep on earning!

About Growth DeFi

Founded in 2020, Growth DeFi provides an advanced suite of products to investors, helping to increase capital efficiency. For more info on Growth DeFi, please see our main website. Otherwise stop by our Telegram channel to chat with our team.



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