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4 min readSep 26, 2022

We’re excited to outline ‘The Cultivator’, our new detonator contract product developed in collaboration with EMP Money.

The Cultivator will launch at 20:30 EST on 05 October.

You will be able to access The Cultivator here:

Not only will The Cultivator provide amazing new opportunities for investors, but it will further strengthen locked liquidity for xGRO-BNB and boost our overall ecosystem!

In this Medium we outline what is meant by a ‘detonator contract’, our partnership with EMP Money, outline the new Cultivator product, and also the benefits xGRO holders can look forward to!

The EMP Money ‘Detonator’

Before we outline more about our partnership with EMP Money, and what The Cultivator will bring to Growth DeFi, let’s first explain what The Detonator is at EMP Money, and what is meant by a ‘detonator contract’.

The Detonator is a daily contract that delivers returns on investment using EMP-ETH LP tokens to provide incentives, taxes and compounding. Importantly, all participants have equal opportunity to earn returns through the contract through different prize winning features.

EMP Money has produced an excellent video that provides a comprehensive overview of how this works. We encourage you all to view this to gain a wider appreciation of what is coming for Growth DeFi.

The video can be viewed here:

We also want to give a shout out to the EMP Money Academy, which provides a great overview of their wider ecosystem — including the detonator. You can register and participate in their academy here:

‘DaaS Partnership’ with EMP Money

At Growth DeFi we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with the EMP Money team in recent weeks. We believe their vision and ability to execute on delivering innovative new DeFi products is second to none — with their ‘Detonator as a Service’ (DaaS) the perfect example.

EMP Money is now building new detonator contract products with valued and trusted partners, and we’re delighted that Growth DeFi has been selected as the next in line!

And can we reasonably assume a successful outcome? Well, The Detonator has now been running for over seven months and has seen consistent engagement and significant ongoing growth. Furthermore, EMP Money’s recent launch of the ‘Generator’ in partnership with Splinterlands saw over $125,000 in SPS-BNB LP added very soon after launch, and this has continued to grow since.

There is no doubt ‘detonator contracts’ create products that can generate huge excitement and we’re looking forward to more of the same with The Cultivator….

Introducing the Cultivator

Growth DeFi’s detonator contract will be called ‘The Cultivator’.

The Cultivator will focus on driving returns into xGRO, and will require deposits of xGRO-BNB to participate. Then there are five ways to earn:

  1. The Largest Depositor Prize — awarded every day once the 24 hour countdown timer ends. This typically see people bidding against each other to grab the prize at detonation, with the winner receiving a 100% bonus on their deposited amount.
  2. The Lottery Prize —at detonation the lottery is also drawn, with the number of winners and the prize amount is determined by the largest deposit each day. You can participate in the lottery by either depositing xGRO-BNB, or compounding your daily returns to receive up to 100 lottery tickets each day.
  3. A Daily Burst — these are daily dividends, paid out continuously up to your maximum ROI based on your deposited amount of xGRO-BNB.
  4. Instant rewards — providing bonus returns from all new deposits.
  5. ‘Win It Now’ — a button that allows one user per day to receive a 100% bonus when depositing 2% of the total pool balance.

After detonation each day, The Cultivator resets and a new cycle of prizes and rewards build up for investors. As I’m sure you can imagine, not only can this mean amazing rewards for xGRO-BNB depositors, but also a huge amount of fun too!

Locked liquidity and a price boost for xGRO

The Cultivator will support a significant rise in the amount of locked liquidity for xGRO-BNB. This LP will need to be deposited by participants looking to invest in The Cultivator, creating further demand for xGRO and locking it into the detonator contract. The focus is then on reducing overall circulating supply and looking to boost price appreciation in xGRO.

For all their hard work, and access to their proprietary detonator code, 4% of all deposits will go to the EMP Treasury as a developers fee. EMP Money will hold these LP tokens within their Treasury. As EMP Money receives rewards from their deposits, these are recycled into creating more xGRO-BNB which is then put back into The Cultivator as fresh capital.

This is a great way for Growth DeFi to cover the cost of development in partnership with EMP Money, whilst introducing a mechanism to buy back and inject more xGRO-BNB into The Cultivator over time.

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