The Cultivator update: $1,000,000 in deposits and a massive prize pool!

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3 min readNov 7, 2022
Over $1,000,000 in xGRO-BNB LPs have already now been deposited!

Back on 05 October we launched The Cultivator on Binance Smart Chain, in partnership with our amazing friends at EMP Money. This exciting detonator contract for xGRO-BNB LPs has already surpassed our expectations and spiked a lot of interest, excitement and participation across our community.

In this Medium we offer an overview of how it’s shaping up….

Introducing The Cultivator

Firstly though, for anyone not familiar with The Cultivator and how it works, please watch the following Youtube video which explains all!

Watch this video for an explanation of The Cultivator and how it works

As you can see, this exciting product provides various ways to generate on-going returns on your xGRO-BNB deposits. Remember, you can also compound your returns each day to build your position, and there are largest daily depositor, win-it-now, and lottery prizes to chase.

Please also read our previous Medium article on The Cultivator which provides additional information:

Boosting liquidity for xGRO

Deposits into The Cultivator are in xGRO-BNB LPs, which can be created on Pancakeswap. This increasingly locks up liquidity for this pair over time as more and more deposits and made and continue to accrue within the contract.

We’ve now seen over $1,000,000 in total deposits to date, providing an excellent liquidity boost for xGRO!

Take advantage of xGRO Staking!

Growth DeFi members with Locked xGRO have the fantastic option to participate in The Cultivator through xGRO Staking. Specifically, this is via xCultivator — part of our new xGRO Staking user interface.

Users with Locked xGRO can deposit BNB to unlock the corresponding dollar value of xGRO from their balance. The xGRO will then automatically be paired with the BNB to create a BNB-xGRO LP token. The BNB-xGRO LP tokens are then automatically deposited into The Cultivator on the user’s behalf.

So if you have Locked xGRO, remember to take advantage of this opportunity to create and grow your deposit balance within The Cultivator and grab your share of the rewards and prizes along the way!

A rapidly growing prize pool

The Prize Pool on The Cultivator is key and shows just how much there is for the ongoing distribution of prizes through the contract.

The Prize Pool balance on The Cultivator is moving towards half a million dollars already….

Crucially this pool is continuing to grow rapidly, providing long term and sustainable funding to keep paying out to depositors. At the time of writing we have a prize pool that has quickly reached $450,000 and we feel sure this will head much higher soon!

Chase that largest daily depositor prize!

The Cultivator rolls over at 23:30 UTC daily at which point the ‘largest daily depositor prize is paid out, alongside the lottery. The largest depositor prize includes the total sum of all deposits made by that wallet in the 24 hours period, not just one single deposit amount. There is a minimum prize amount of 200 LP tokens and a maximum prize amount of 3% of the pool balance.

We’ve noticed on some days this substantial prize is won with a much lower deposit value, providing an incredible rate of return for the lucky winner.

This is definitely something that should be keenly contested and if you’re looking to maximize your overall returns through The Cultivator this is something you really should consider chasing if you aren’t already.

You clearly don’t need to be a whale to win this. Just keep an eye out for this daily opportunity! It’s too good to miss!

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