Introducing ‘VDC as a Service’ with EMP Money tokens

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4 min readDec 10, 2022
VDC as a Service will see new partner tokens introduced within our ecosystem

The Growth DeFi community will be very familiar with our Virtual Deposit Contracts (VDCs), which have long proved popular as sustainable drip pools of dividends. Our VDCs have seen consistently high participation, and high volumes of xGRO, xPERPS and xxHMINE tokens deposited by users to generate yield.

An opportunity now exists to expand on the proven success of these products by creating new ones with elected partners through VDC as a Service!

To kick start this process we couldn’t think of a better partner than EMP Money! At Growth DeFi we’ve maintained an excellent working relationship and continued to work collaboratively with EMP Money to explore ways to introduce new services for our respective communities.

We’re pleased to confirm they have fully bought into the potential for VDCs for their own platform tokens, so let’s outline the specifics:

New VDCs for EMP and ESHARE tokens

On Thursday 15 December at 16:00 UTC, Growth DeFi will launch new VDCs for EMP Money’s EMP and ESHARE tokens.

The VDCs can be accessed here:

These VDCs will follow a similar structure to our current VDCs, but with some interesting innovations added in. There will be both a Compound VDC for ESHARE tokens, and a Volatile VDC for EMP tokens.

Token holders will be able to deposit either token into its respective VDC, and receive long-term drip rewards on their investment. The Compound VDC will drip ESHARE tokens, and the Volatile VDC will drip EMP tokens.

Each drip pool will drip 1% of its balance daily as dividends to stakers, proportional to their staked amount. Also, 1% of all deposits are instantly distributed as dividends to existing stakers.

There is a deposit and withdrawal fee structure, and reward distribution structure, that applies to both VDCs. The detail of each is summarised in the two images below:

As you can see above, both VDCs place a sizeable proportion of deposits into the overall drip pool, ensuring there is a sizeable amount of each token to reward depositors.

The VDCs also take 1% of deposits to invest in the associated farms, with the proceeds then re-hypothecated and fed back into the drip pool. Furthermore, 1% of Compound VDC fees will also be converted from ESHARE to EMP and sent as a reward to depositors in the Volatile VDC.

Make sure you’re in early!

With our VDCs its important to realise there is a strong incentive to enter early. Once you deposit tokens and have a staked position, you immediately benefit from a percentage of all future deposits into the contracts. That is why the best time to invest is literally right on launch to fully maximize your overall returns.

If you can’t make the launch though, it’s no problem. The distribution structure supports long term, sustainable drip pools to ensure all investors are rewarded over time.

Compound or claim your drip pool dividends

A daily detonation time will also be introduced for these VDCs, whereby users lose any drip pool dividends not compounded or claimed by 12:10 AM UTC.

There will also be a second separate ‘compounders’ drip pool which will only be accessible to people compounding their returns. If a user claims their returns, they will not receive dividends from this second drip pool.

This provides a huge economic incentive to users opting to continually compound their claims and build up their EMP/ESHARES positions within the VDCs.

Boost your position with xGRO!

The good news is, not only can you deposit EMP/ESHARES — but you can also deposit xGRO tokens for a boosted position!

The drip pool for each VDC also pays an extra 0.5% of its balance daily to stakers with a position boosted by xGRO — proportional to their Boost position.

For Growth DeFi there is some further added benefit in that whenever drip pools dividends are unclaimed, 10% will go to Growth DeFi for operating expenses, 45% will be sent back to the main drip pool, and 45% to the compounders drip pool. This provides a modest revenue stream to Growth DeFi, whilst continuing to support the overall VDC drip pools with constant tops ups from unclaimed dividends.

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