WHEAT Tokenomics Update: Gearing closer towards deflation

This is an update on the changes that have been made to improve WHEAT’s long term tokenomics and its snowball effect.

Current Stats

91k WHEAT in circulation
Over 11 Million $ in TVL
Over $260k constantly buybacking WHEAT & GRO

Changes Made

1-Emission rate lowered from 0.5 WHEAT/block to 0.1 WHEAT/block, this sets the daily emissions of WHEAT at 2,880 WHEAT/day minus whatever is burned that day.

So what’s next?

We’re happy to announce that we are currently working on adding more strategies to the WHEAT platform, the first one to be added will be BNB autocompounding using AlphaFinance as the underlying protocol (it’s currently in the strategy testing phase and will be rolled out in the coming week).

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