WHEAT Tokenomics: Sustainable Yield Farming

WHEAT Tokenomics

WHEAT is the token used to incentivize the products of the GrowthDeFi ecosystem. In exchange, a large portion of the revenues are directed towards buybacking and burning it, the ultimate goal is to make WHEAT deflationary.

The short term and long term goals of WHEAT:

Throughout the earliest launch period the emissions of WHEAT are used to incentivize users to deposit their LP tokens into the protocol, the purpose of this is to quickly accumulate large balances in the Fee Collector contracts that constantly buyback and burn WHEAT.

WHEAT’s unique sustainable model:

The typical farming uses up any existing revenues to automatically buyback the token, however the point in time where the protocol is making the most revenue is usually also the point at which the token price is the highest, this makes the effective buyback amount negligible compared to the tokens being issued.

Core Pairs

The following are the core pairs which are incentivized with WHEAT, they have a 0% Deposit Fee:

PancakeSwap Strategy Tokens

This type of strategy tokens focus on harvesting CAKE and compounding it into more PCS LP Tokens to maximize returns in the long run.

Fee Collectors

For every strategy token there is a Fee Collector contract, its functions are to collect the fees, stake them in the corresponding contracts to generate a return and sending the profits to the main WHEAT Buyback Contract.

WHEAT Buyback Contract

This is the contract that concentrates all the profits sent from all the Fee Collector contracts of each strategy, in the case of PancakeSwap strategies it receives CAKE.

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