Weekly gROOT Treasury Report #2

  • Treasury holdings and changes in BNB and $ value vs last week
  • Upcoming events for gROOT and GRO

gROOT Treasury Holdings

Treasury address: 0xBf70B751BB1FC725bFbC4e68C4Ec4825708766c5

Treasury address: 0x6248f5783A1F908F7fbB651bb3Ca27BF7c9f5022

Treasury address: 0x2165fa4a32B9c228cD55713f77d2e977297D03e8

Upcoming Events

  • GRO Bridge making GRO available on both BSC and ETH
  • WHEAT Strategies, PMTs and Farming (No more inflation for gROOT, high yield opportunities for the treasury)
  • gROOT Harvest (Stake your gROOT and get BNB)
  • GRO Yield (Stake your GRO and get BNB)
  • Audits



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