The end of August is quickly approaching, and we recognize the eagerness of many in our community to get started maximizing their yield potential and earning while they borrow!

So how can you make sure that when MOR goes live you’ll be ready? If you’re wanting to position yourself prior to MOR launching in order to take full advantage of its benefits you can:

1. Purchase collateral assets to use to borrow & leverage from our available ilks

(see list below)

2. Stack up GRO to take part in MOR governance & to benefit from the fees of all activity on the protocol (and everywhere else in the Growth DeFi ecosystem)

3. If you’re bullish on the amount of TVL that MOR will generate then get some WHEAT to benefit from the increased buybacks that will result

4. Or if you’d like to benefit from the increased yield potential of MOR but aren’t confident in managing your own positions, purchase some gROOT! Have the treasury generate the yield for you and return the profits via buybacks & the Harvest!

5. Join our community & ask your questions! Our team are especially responsive on Telegram, however we can also be found on Discord & Reddit!

6. Finally, be sure to follow us on Twitter & subscribe to our Telegram Announcements channel for launch updates!

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