Growth DeFi Meme Contest!! 💰💰💰

As part of our celebrations for the launch of MOR, the team at Growth DeFi are giving away $1.5K in prizes for a Meme Contest!! 🤑🚀🎉🌱

The rules are simple:

  • Make a meme regarding Growth DeFi (can be about any area of the ecosystem — GRO, gROOT, WHEAT or MOR)
  • Post the meme in the Growth DeFi Telegram —
  • Entries are unlimited (however note only one entry pp will be eligible for a prize)
  • After the contest has concluded a shortlist of top candidates will be decided by the team and then the winners will be voted by the community!
  • Contest closes August 9th 11:59pm UTC

Prizes will be as follows (paid in BNB):

1st — $800

2nd — $500

3rd — $200

Good luck everyone!



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