Day 5 of #7Daysof Growth: Partnership with Weave Finance

We are excited to announce our partnership with Weave Finance that will give their users the ability to use MOR vaults and copy trade their favorite MOR strategies

On Day 5 of our #7DaysofGrowth campaign, we are pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Weave Finance. Weave will integrate MOR Protocol into their next-generation yield farming platform which will allow yield farmers to build their own custom farm strategies for their favorite LPs.

“The majority of Weave users are looking for a stablecoin farming strategy. With the Growth Defi collaboration, it will be possible to deposit LPs and then borrow $MOR for stablecoin yield farming. Both of us are excited about the potentials to attract new DeFi users.”
— Grayson, Weave Business Development

Weave Beginnings

Weave’s CEO, Stephen, and Business Development Manager, Grayson, (and others on the team) have worked their way through the ranks with other well-known DeFi protocols. During this time, they felt something was missing from the typical yield farm experience and set out to make a platform to simplify the process, while at the same time giving users more flexibility over their yields. Thus, Weave was born.

How MOR integrates into Weave

Weave is currently integrating MOR Protocol into their app to allow users to deposit LPs and use those LPs to leverage and borrow MOR as part of their integration of lending/borrowing platforms as one of strategy builder modules. Users can call the Growth DeFi module to deposit supported liquidity and then borrow MOR. After that, users will have the ability to:

  1. stake MOR to earn GRO, then use GRO to stake it as veGRO,
  2. pair liquidity with MOR/BUSD, or
  3. buy more LPs or stkTokens.

MOR’s MOR/BUSD stablecoin vault was especially appealing to the team because many users will begin by focusing on earning low-risk yield via stablecoin farming.

In an effort to make MOR easily understood to newcomers, this Weave + MOR partnership will allow Weave users to watch videos guiding them through the steps of how to buy their first crypto, to earning profit, within minutes. Using Weave’ simple drag-and-drop interface, users will be able to venture into using MOR to deposit assets, borrow, and farm.

With the drag-and-drop strategy builder from Weave, it allow users to define how to use their reward tokens. The percentage between swapping, compounding, and locking is able to be customized by each user.

Weave is a powerful DeFi tool as it targets both users new to DeFi who can use their Weave Passive platform, which allows users to copy trade their favorite yield strategies from Weave Pro users. MOR users who are interested in using Weave, can become a Weave Pro user and can share their strategy with the Passive users.

The app allows users to customize and automate how their yields are used in a way that traditional yield farmers can’t. For example, a user may choose to compound only 50% of their LP yield and withdraw 50%, or even take the yield in other crypto assets they’re bullish on.

Growth DeFi will be holding an AMA in the Weave chat after Weave’s launch to help users learn about MOR and how to use MOR Protocol within Weave.

Weave will launch in March 2022 on Polygon, BSC, Fantom, and OEC followed by other low-cost chains. Visit their website or Telegram channel for more info.

What’s Next on Growth DeFi’s Roadmap for MOR?

After today’s launch, users can also look forward to much more coming to Fantom, including veGRO, MOR Staking, Leveraged Yield Tokens, physically settled options, wrapped derivatives such as cLQDR, and more.

You can read here for an overview of our tokens/ecosystem, GRO and MOR. Or, read more about our exciting announcements as we are nearly midway through our #7DaysofGrowth:

For more information about Growth DeFi or MOR, please see our main website or MOR Protocol, visit our Linktree, or stop by our Telegram channel to chat with our team.



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