Day 3 of #7Daysof Growth: Growth DeFi launches MOR on FTM

MOR is now live on Fantom and brings users unparalleled benefits

Day 3 of our #7DaysofGrowth is one of our most significant. Following much anticipation, the big day has finally arrived! Growth DeFi continues its exciting cross-chain expansion by launching MOR on Fantom (FTM)! MOR will launch in less than 3 hours on

It’s our pleasure to welcome the Fantom community to Growth DeFi, where we can now offer access to our high yielding products and innovative revenue-sharing strategies.

What is MOR and What Makes it the Most Capital Efficient Borrow/Leveraged Yield Farm on Fantom?

MOR is the only borrow/leveraged yield farm on Fantom that not only offers 0% interest loans, but there are no hidden fees when opening a vault (“origination fees”) or closing a vault (“debt repayment fees”). Further, MOR also does not charge users any minting fees to mint $MOR. Add this to self-repaying (e.g. negative interest rate) loans that will also be launching soon, and MOR becomes the most robust, user-friendly, capital-efficient leveraged yield farm on Fantom.

What Pairs Are Available on Launch?

The following ilks are initially being offered on MOR (Fantom), with more such as Beethoven LPs, LINSPIRIT, xBOO to be offered in the near future:





Visit MOR now!

How Does the MOR FTM Launch Benefit GRO Holders?

With more TVL, comes more fees generated by MOR. MOR is already around 2–3x more profitable than other stablecoins such as MIM or DAI thanks to MOR’s in-house yield strategies on MOR Protocol that allow MOR to forego paying other protocols. This means that this revenue is all sent to MOR’s surplus, which gets distributed to GRO holders and MOR Yield partners.

GRO currently benefits from the following fees from MOR:
1. Peg Stability Module (PSM) stablecoin swap fees
2. Performance Fees
3. Liquidation Penalties
4. Borrow Fees
5. Yield from PSM Holdings

Our MOR Yield Revenue Share Partners are protocols who hold large amounts of MOR either liquid or as a pair with LPs. This liquid MOR creates revenue for MOR Protocol that is shared with MOR Yield partners and GRO holders via buybacks/burns and veGRO rewards.

In addition to all of this, as announced yesterday, when cLQDR is launched on MOR (FTM) in a few weeks, 20% of rewards gained from it will go towards buying back GRO.

Please see our docs for MOR info:

What’s Next on Growth DeFi’s Roadmap for MOR?

After today’s launch, users can also look forward to much more coming to Fantom, including veGRO, MOR Staking, Leveraged Yield Tokens, physically settled options, wrapped derivatives such as cLQDR, and more.

You can read here for an overview of our tokens/ecosystem, GRO and MOR. Or, read more about our exciting announcements as we are nearly midway through our #7DaysofGrowth:

Day 1: MOR Yield Partnership with ApeSwap
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• Day 7: ?

We also encourage you to join our Telegram, where we’d be pleased to answer any questions you have on how to use MOR and GRO to secure excellent returns on your capital.

For more information about Growth DeFi or MOR, please see our website at or, visit our Linktree, or stop by our Telegram channel.



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