A successful 2022 — and excitement ahead in 2023!

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6 min readDec 28, 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, we want to reflect on the year and document some key achievements. Above all, our community has remained steadfast and loyal in their support for Growth DeFi — during an incredibly tough bear market — and for that we’re extremely grateful. Thank you!

In this Medium, we summarize where we’ve come in 2022, and focus on reasons to be excited for 2023!

Reflecting on a year of Growth

This year has seen significant change at Growth DeFi. The first half of 2022 saw us continue to introduce new products — with a notable focus on Fantom (FTM) which, at the time, seemed a vibrant place to do business.

However, as we passed through mid-year it became clear the returns we could generate for our token holders were modest at best, and set alongside our development and operating costs, it just wasn’t a sustainable and worthwhile situation to maintain.

What followed was a consolidation for Growth DeFi back onto Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and a fundamental revamp of the ecosystem. This saw a renewed focus on delivering more interesting ‘high risk, high reward’ and potentially lucrative products, reflecting the majority of our community member’s expectations.

In September we saw the launch of our xPERPS Yield Farm and perpetual futures exchange. The Farm has provided a consistent source of income to the ecosystem and excellent yields to stakers through xPERPS dividends.

We’ve also seen the launch of Virtual Deposit Contracts (VDCs) for xGRO, xPERPS and xxHMINE tokens. Each has been a mechanism to create a drip pool of rewards to depositors, whilst supporting the ongoing lock up and burning of tokens.

October saw us enter a partnership with EMP Money to launch The Cultivator. This product allowing investors to secure returns from daily bursts, largest depositor prizes, and a daily lottery — all whilst helping strengthen locked liquidity for xGRO-BNB.

We also successfully resolved the issue of veGRO by providing token holders with access to their tokens in a way that would not be detrimental to the ecosystem. The solution was xGRO Staking.

The Cultivator was strengthened through this process, with the creation of xCultivator to directly feed locked xGRO into The Cultivator, and also the option to deposit xPERPS to release locked xGRO for staking and returns.

In October we also created xONE, xONE-S and CVDC tokens, providing an opportunity to wrap underlying crypto and stablecoin assets into new products to generate returns through their respective VDCs.

As we highlighted in November, our focus throughout 2022 has been on developing an ecosystem that offers an infinite earnings loop. Depositing xGRO into farms, generating xPERPS returns, depositing those returns to secure further xGRO, and then compounding that further. Participating in this virtuous circle has allowed our community to secure on-going returns whilst contributing to the overall health of our ecosystem.

And the product development and launches have kept pace right through into December, with the launch of xGRO Bonds and VDC as a Service. Two new approaches to help present investment returns for token holders, and allow us to branch out and offer our services to trusted partners to generate income for the ecosystem as a whole.

An important component for our B2B services will be integrating xGRO in particular to secure ‘boosted’ positions — with deposited xGRO being burned. This provides consistent, ongoing utility for the token and demand for it among new communities looking to enhance their returns.

As we close out 2022, we’re delighted to see around one third of xGRO has already been burned through the various mechanisms outlined, and that will only continue.

Looking head — plenty in store for 2023!

So what lies ahead? The short answer is plenty, but as we move into the New Year here is a high-level summary of some development plans we’ll be looking to execute soon:

Expanding our B2B services

We’re currently in early stage discussions with a number of DeFi projects to explore potential for our ‘VDC as a Service’ offer to be introduced. In each and every case, xGRO and/or xPERPS will feature in these VDCs to provide enhanced returns, thereby continuing to create utility and demand for our native tokens over time. At the same time partners will be responsible for showcasing the benefits our our native tokens and widening awareness of our ecosystem products across their communities.

You can expect a significant push on marketing, including AMAs and prize-giving events, delivered in tandem with project partners to heighten interest in Growth DeFi with new partner communities.

Investing in partner platforms

As we forge links with partner platforms we’re often presented with opportunities to take early investment stakes in their products. Some are clearly very high risk, with the potential to secure significant returns. One recent example is Bitcorn — which at the time of writing appears a promising play — and we’ll continue to network and root out exciting opportunities for investment.

When we do secure returns from these investments, our focus will be using our bankroll to continue buying back xGRO, xPERPS and xxHMINE — delivering on our commitment to create ever more token scarcity over time, for tokens that will continue to see their use cases expand.

Cross-chain expansion

Also, we’re now exploring plans to venture cross-chain again — taking the lessons learnt from previously and ensuring we can land with a bang next time around.

Dogechain in particular has been earmarked as part of our expansion plans. Of course, timing such a move in the current market is very important, which is why we’re undertaking our due diligence now and laying the early groundwork for expanding our ecosystem onto this and other potential new chains.


Overall we see plenty reasons to be optimistic looking forward.

As a project we remain well capitalized, meaning we can take advantage of both known and future opportunities when they present themselves. The market is undeniably extremely tough at present, and people are free to buy and sell tokens as they wish, but with the support of our amazing community we feel certain 2023 can be a very bright year for Growth DeFi!

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